Yoga heals us from the inside out.









Designed for anyone new to yoga or new to Yoga Hawaii, this class will provide you with a strong foundation in Hatha yoga including standing yoga poses, proper alignment, breathing and yoga philosophy. Our goal is for you to feel the beneficial effects of yoga on your overall health and well being right away.  Before you know it you’ll be ready to join our other classes.

BioFunctional Yoga

The BioFunctional Method™ is an anatomy based method of fitness that incorporates functional movement with breath, alignment, and self-awareness to help you strengthen, coordinate, and tone your body while also promoting mental clarity, balance, and ease.

The BioFunctional Method™ consists of three parts:

  • BioFunctional Basics: Building blocks of strength, mobility, and balance.
  • BioFunctional Integration: Incorporating breath and coordination into movement.
  • BioFunctional Restoration: Restoring your body and nervous system through meditation, achieving personal goals, and self-awareness.


These classes focus on standing poses with special attention to physical alignment and introducing sun salutations, vinyasa transitions, inversions, breathwork and meditation that you will encounter in the Foundation and Flow classes.  Your health is always paramount to our teaching, and this class will ensure you go into more challenging classes with the tools you need to stay safe and have fun!

Hatha Align

This class will help you build a strong foundation in the basics using alignment-based teaching, hands-on adjustments, props and options for different levels in order to advance your practice. More advanced doesn’t mean more complex or physically difficult, but rather more subtle.  You will be encouraged to focus on each asana as a microcosm of the yoga experience: a state of union of body, mind and spirit. That subtle self-awareness has always been at the heart of yoga, and we honor that tradition in this class. The Sanskrit word “hatha” refers to sun and moon and is meant to balance those complementary energies within us through asana, pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy. You will approach your edge with intermediate variations, but we’ll make sure you’re warmed up with proper alignment emphasized for safety. This is a mixed levels class, not recommended for absolute beginners.  A basic knowledge of yoga postures, alignment and transitions are assumed in this class.



Vinyasa Flow

For the practitioner who wants to keep their practice flowing. This class is excellent when you are feeling the need to move in connection with your breath through powerful “vinyasas” to build your strength, stamina and leave every cell vibrating in a state of satisfied rest by the end of class. Basic knowledge of postures, transitions and alignment are assumed. Although challenging variations will be offered, you will not be pressured to push your body into anything it’s not ready for but rather encouraged to try new shapes.

Vinyasa Flow 2

These classes are for yoga practitioners with plenty of experience on their mats who are ready to push their limits. Like a big wave rider, you trust your knowledge and skill, but respect the physical, mental and emotional boundaries that you have to play with. We will explore deep backbends, balances, inversions, forward folds, pranayam and meditation.


In response to the increasingly “yang” nature of our modern lives that encourage rapid movement and a constant bombardment of information, yin yoga encourages a surrender into stillness through deep stretching and breathwork. Expect to hold mostly seated and lying down postures for up to 10 minutes each to encourage release of the fascia or connective tissues. No yoga experience is necessary for this class. Yin is recommended for folks recovering from injury, living with chronic conditions, feeling exhausted or athletes needing a balance to their workouts.


Come enjoy deep rest with a series of supported postures meant to activate your body’s relaxation response and calm your mind. Postures will be comfortable and held for 5-15 minutes each; enough time for your body, mind and spirit to really let go of stress and tension. These classes may include deep breathing, visualization, meditation, relaxing sounds and smells and some feel-good hands-on adjustments. No yoga experience is necessary and we provide all the props you need. Just put on some comfortable clothing, bring your mat, and let go.  This class is also recommended for those recovering from injury, living with chronic conditions, feeling exhausted or athletes needing a balance to their workouts.


Kundalini Yoga is a vigorous practice combining pranayam (breathing exercises), yoga movement and meditation for a potent experience of connection to your highest Self.  Expect repetitive movements designed to help you face and conquer your limits. This practice can be challenging physically, but is suitable for most anyone due to the use of less complex postures and easy to follow movements.


Whether or not you have ever done yoga before, pregnancy is an important time to learn to care for yourself, tune in to your body and the little one growing within. This class has the dual goal of building strength and stamina needed for pregnancy, labor and motherhood, as well as encouraging you to relax and enjoy this precious moment of creation in progress! Women in all stages of pregnancy are welcome.