If you can breathe,

you can practice yoga.



New Student Offers

Kama'aina Special - $49 for two Unlimited weeks! A special deal for locals.

 We have a mat waiting for you...

We have a mat waiting for you...

If you've never done yoga before...

What class should I take?

Congratulations! You're about to begin a journey that will transform your life for the better. Your health and mental outlook will improve, and you'll feel great!

We suggest you start with our Beginners class which will teach you the basic postures, breathing techniques and yoga philosophy.  If you are recovering from injury or contending with an ongoing condition such as arthritis, our Gentle  class is the best option.  A month or two at this level, depending on how often you come, will prepare you for any level one or all levels class on our Class Schedule.

If you are fit with no previous injuries or serious conditions, and you want a physical challenge, you are welcome to join a higher level class such as Flow, Foundation or Advanced keeping in mind that they assume a level of background knowledge, move faster, and you may feel a little lost at first.

Other classes where beginners are welcome are the Restore and Yin classes.  These classes require no previous experience because they move a lot slower and are focused on rest and relaxation (Restorative) or deep stretching to relieve tension (Yin). Please see the Class Schedule for class times.

How often should I take class?

Practicing yoga at least twice a week will help you to achieve noticeable results towards your goals, whether they be relieving stress, losing weight, boosting your confidence, or any of the many other benefits of a consistent practice. Many long-time practitioners and leading yoga teachers say that three times a week is the sweet spot to maintain the muscle memory and continuous effects of the practice.

Do I need to register online?

Online registration is not required but very much encouraged. Advance registration helps our teachers prepare, and we've heard from our regular students that it also helps them maintain their commitment to come to practice!

With our MINDBODY online system checking the schedule, registering, paying for classes and even checking in to class when you arrive couldn't be easier. Use the Class Schedule or download MINDBODY Connect on your mobile device to plan your practice on the go!

Read our Studio Guidelines for more information.

You've done yoga before, but you're new to Yoga Hawaii...

Check out our CLASS DESCRIPTIONS for guidance. Our classes are in three categories: No experience required (Beginners, Gentle, Yin, Restore, Pregnancy), Mixed levels (Flow, Foundation) and High physical challenge (Advanced, Shakti Flow).  Our teachers come from diverse backgrounds so rather than have a different title for the style each teacher was trained in, we chose to streamline the schedule according to accessibility and general pace or challenge level. Enjoy!