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This is where everything happens to improve your yoga experience

Introducing our yoga studio

We have a massive main studio that can take anywhere between 50 and 80 users at the same time.

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It is worth noting that apart from the main studio, we also have three smaller studios. Obviously, each studio is chosen based on the users' skill level, as well as the size of the class.

The smaller studios are equal in size and can take anywhere between 10 and 40 users at the same time. In terms of facilities, there are no differences between studios. We have multiple yoga trainers on site and they choose the required studio according to how many students they have for a class.

Everything is put together with your relaxation and tranquility in mind

Each studio is designed to help you relax.

You will experience a positive and pleasant aura the moment you step in. Tranquility invades your body.

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Relaxation is underlined by neutral colors defining nature, as well as small details that will make you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. Everything is designed with tranquility.

Apart from the four studios (maximum four classes at the same time), our facility comes with multiple considerations for our customers. You have shower rooms if you need to change or take a shower after a session, as well as a small snack bar for healthy foods once you are done.