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200 RYT Yoga Teacher Training

with Claudia Castor

October 8 - 28  2018

This training offers a complete curriculum to immerse yourself in the vastness of Yoga in a light and digestible format.

Explore space through Asana, refine your breath with Pranayama, experience the benefits of Yoga as a practitioner and Teacher. Ayurveda, a science of life, defines balance and longevity. Delve into the structures and systems of the body with Anatomy and Physiology. Practicums and mentorships are available.

Ignite a lifelong desire to self-study, share this vast ancient and timeless technology. We are a registered school with Yoga Alliance. Students are invited to deepen their knowledge of Yoga and/or pursue the path of an accredited Yoga Teacher.

The Educational Categories of the Training include:

·         100 Hours Techniques Training/Practice. Asana, Pranayama, Kriya, Mantra, Chanting, Meditation, Mudra and Bandha. Guided practices and learning how to practice and teach these techniques.
·         25 Hours Teaching Methodology. Principles of demonstration, assisting, verbal cues and hands-on, effective and safe sequencing that is fun and creative.
·         30 Hours Yoga Anatomy & Physiology. Musculoskeletal system, Physiology of the bodily systems, organs and Pranic body, Chakras and Nadis.
·         40 Hours Yoga Philosophy/LifeStyle Ethics. The classical roots of Yoga, Patanjali, the four paths and modern day Yoga, Ayurveda the Science of Life and Yoga.
·         30 Hours Practicum. Discover your own voice and practice teaching and observing in an intimate group setting, with opportunity to teach/assist in public classes.

The Training is open to maximum 10 Students. The 200 Hour Teacher Training Manual is included. See Adi Shakti Yoga website for more. 

Reserve your space now with a deposit of $500.

Claudia Castor

Growing up in Europe and traveling throughout the world led Claudia to study and practice yoga in order to encourage a slower and simpler life style. Finding joy and peace through her experience with yoga is what inspired Claudia to begin teaching.

Claudia’s teaching style integrates the functional alignment, core strength, flexibility and balance of Sri T. Krishnamacharya’s classical Hatha yoga lineage as well as the stimulating and creative elements of Kundalini yoga. She also incorporates the heart opening, illuminating, pure love of Bhakti yoga which celebrates life and invites grace to flow. She has extensive training in a variety of lineages, including: Hatha, Kundalini, Tantra, Bhakti, Vinyasa Krama, Zen, Yin as well as the healing science of Ayurveda. Claudia truly enjoys synthesizing all of these wonderful teachings with her own vibrant approach to create unique classes plus individualized private sessions.

Grateful for all the teachers she has met along her path, Claudia continues to enhance her knowledge through studies and practice. Her passion revolves around inspiring students to live their full potential with an open heart and receptive soul.



Why should you join this training?

Teacher Training
  • Learn to create and deliver your own well-rounded yoga classes
  • Learn how to customize your teaching to meet your students' needs
  • Passionate trainers with over a decade of teaching experience
  • Commitment to authentic, accessible, healing yoga practices
  • Ayurveda, Mantra, Meditation, Chakras, History & Philosophy, Self-Massage,  Assisting, and more
  • Modular format allows flexible schedules and level of commitment

You may feel you want to master the practices of yoga for your own empowerment, or you feel the beneficial effects it has on your own life and want to empower others.  Our training satisfies both desires. You can chose to take the first Immersion Module of the training alone or continue with Modules II and become a certified teacher.  Often people begin a training thinking they don't want to teach, that the training is just for themselves, but ultimately we all find a way to share what we've learned with others.  This training will prepare you to share in your own way, whether in a public classroom, quietly with our loved one's at home, or through your living example.

The beauty of yoga is that it helps you ride the inevitable changes of life a little more gracefully, a little more joyfully and that is hard NOT to share! 

Why do we offer teacher training?


Our teacher trainers believe in fostering personal empowerment by teaching people to improve and maintain their own health through the practices of yoga.  By training others to be responsible yoga teachers, we expand our reach in this community and beyond.  The focus of our training is first to deepen your understanding of the roots and meaning of yoga as well as the techniques that make it a healing practice, and second to provide the tools that you need to be an effective teacher of these healing practices to others.

Ready to dive into the Heart of Yoga?

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