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Have questions? Contact us at ytt@yoga-hawaii.com with questions about Teacher Training!

200hr Teacher Training

Military and Veterans - you can use your GI Bill or MyCAA Military Spouse scholarship for our 200hr Teacher Training program! Email info@yoga-hawaii.com for details. 

Extended Training

Intensive Training

Upcoming dates: TBA

Upcoming dates: TBA

We offer the same in depth, mind, body and soul expanding program in two training formats.

The Intensive training is the express version for those who have a limited time frame or prefer a full immersion experience of 4 weeks of near continuous training. We are offering this format during the winter and spring this year. 

The Extended format offered only in the summer, is great for those who are working or studying and cannot take off a month straight. This format starts with 6 consecutive days of Immersion and the rest is only Friday night and weekends. Get the immersion experience, plus time to integrate the wealth of information you will gain.

Each training consists of 2 Modules which can be taken and paid for separately if needed. Module I is a 6-Day Immersion into the heart of yoga. The Immersion is a wonderful program to be taken separately for those who are fascinated by yoga but may not be ready to commit to a full training. Module II focuses on preparing you to be a thinking, creative yoga teacher.  Immersion and full 200hr training programs also include Unlimited public yoga classes at the studio. 

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Teacher Training

Why should you join this training?

  • Learn to create and deliver your own well-rounded yoga classes
  • Learn how to customize your teaching to meet your students' needs
  • Passionate trainers with over a decade of teaching experience
  • Commitment to authentic, accessible, healing yoga practices
  • Ayurveda, Mantra, Meditation, Chakras, History & Philosophy, Self-Massage,  Assisting, and more
  • Modular format allows flexible schedules and level of commitment

You may feel you want to master the practices of yoga for your own empowerment, or you feel the beneficial effects it has on your own life and want to empower others.  Our training satisfies both desires. You can chose to take the first Immersion Module of the training alone or continue with Modules II and become a certified teacher.  Often people begin a training thinking they don't want to teach, that the training is just for themselves, but ultimately we all find a way to share what we've learned with others.  This training will prepare you to share in your own way, whether in a public classroom, quietly with our loved one's at home, or through your living example.

The beauty of yoga is that it helps you ride the inevitable changes of life a little more gracefully, a little more joyfully and that is hard NOT to share!

*6-Day Immersion is equal to the first 6 days of training and may be taken separately by those who do not wish to become yoga teachers or cannot complete the program at this time. 

Why do we offer teacher training?


Our teacher trainers believe in Yoga Hawaii's mission to foster personal empowerment by teaching people to improve and maintain their own health through the practices of yoga.  By training others to be responsible yoga teachers, we expand our reach in this community and beyond.  The focus of our training is first to deepen your understanding of the roots and meaning of yoga as well as the techniques that make it a healing practice, and second to provide the tools that you need to be an effective teacher of these healing practices to others.

Ready to dive into the Heart of Yoga?

To sign up for training chose the link to the program you wish to take below and then download and fill in the registration form below to mail in or return in person. 

Still have questions?

Contact us: ytt@yoga-hawaii.com, (808)393-6634

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300Hr Advanced Yoga Studies 2017/2018 

Start with any module.

All modules open to public.

Complete all 9 Modules for certification.

Already a 200hr RYT who wants to refresh or deepen your knowledge? Perhaps there were holes you'd like to fill in your first 200hr training, or you are ready to specialize and serve a niche market. This training is for you. Take single modules that interest you or complete all 9 to register as a RYT 500hr with the Yoga Alliance.

9 Weekend Modules, each open to the public, may be taken separately. Join in any time and complete within 24 months for 300hr certification. Upon completion of all modules you are eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance at the 500hr RYT l

Modules meet Thursday-Sunday 8am - 5pm.