Maya Siklai,

E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP
Children's Yoga Teacher, Prenatal Yoga Teacher

From the first class her mother took her to at the age of 14, Maya was fascinated by yoga. In 2007 after years of personal practice she dedicated herself to the study of Hatha and Raja yoga and completed her 200-hr teacher training program in 2008. Maya has been teaching continuously ever since and has studied Vinyasa Flow, Anusara, Restorative yoga and meditation with teachers such as Max Strom and Skeeter Tichnor, and countless others in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Honolulu. She completed a second 200hr training in Hatha Yoga with Skeeter Tichnor and a Children's Yoga training with YogaEd in 2011. While pregnant with her son, Maya completed a Prenatal Yoga certification with Omolulu Yoga and loves to share the power of yoga with other mothers through Pregnancy, Postnatal and Toddler yoga classes.  Most recently, she gained RYT500 certification with the Yoga Alliance after completing a 300hr Advanced Yogic Studies training through the yoga school of her mentor Victoria M in 2016. 

In October 2011, Maya became the proud new owner/director of Yoga Hawaii studio in Honolulu, a local yoga institution since 1999. Maya’s goal in teaching every class is to create a safe space for self-exploration and development of body, mind and soul. Maya's background in dance, performance and education along with her outgoing personality give her a graceful and warm nurturing presence while her instructions make it easy to improve alignment and deepen body awareness. Having taught many beginners and students with physical limitations, she is very receptive to her students needs and is a strong believer that yoga is for everyone, no matter what their abilities. Maya will transmit to you an understanding of the power of your own body and breath, leaving your body and mind calm and energized.


Yin, Restorative, Children's Yoga Teacher, Thai Massage Therapist

Victoria is a lifelong learner with a passion for cultivating knowledge for personal growth and healing care for others. Though she holds both a BA in psychology and Music Therapy, and an MA in Social Work, Victoria eschewed a traditional professional career for her personal passions of yoga, aerial dance, music and body work. She has completed over two dozen yoga training programs with specialties in Yin, Restorative, Trance Dance, Acro and children’s yoga, and has studied Thai Massage with 3 different respected teachers. She is a massage therapist in training and esthetician, who is passionate about natural living and preventative health care. All of Victoria’s experience on and off the mat as a teacher, healer and practitioner contribute to her compassionate and enthusiastic style as a yoga teacher, trainer of teachers and mentor.


Dana Cotter

RYT 200, Off the Mat Into the World training

A student of yoga for over 7 years, Dana completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Hawaii during the summer of 2014. She draws inspiration for her practice and teaching from the natural elements with a strong focus on alignment and the interconnection of breath and movement. When she is not in the studio Dana enjoys hiking, body-surfing, photography and scuba diving.


Daniel Gittelman

RYT 200

Daniel Gittelman has been a formal student of strength and body training for over ten years. His journey began as a weight lifter in high school, in college he majored in philosophy and ancient religious studies and began training as a dancer. Later he moved to New York and trained with the Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation. He believes that attentive actions and movements are life changing and of real significance and so strives to instill these into his classes. Daniel likes to explore the interactions between movement styles and modalities to create unique and authentic classes for all levels and capabilities. “On the intersection of where attention and body merge new discoveries and new understandings are found.” Daniel's classes are challenging yet doable. Both beginner and advanced skill sets are used by all. Daniel earnestly makes a wish each day for a more aware planet. He enjoys encouraging his students to do the same: to make wishes and actively seek out their realization. Join a class and he will share his joy and movement with you.


Emma Hussey

RYT 200

Emma has been practicing yoga since 2008 when she took her first yoga class at a local studio. She grew up in ballet, dancing for over 13 years and when she left for college needed to find another outlet to continue the movement of her body and mind. Emma completed her 200 H-RYT journey with YogaFit and has been blessed to study with master trainers Katie Schuver, Heidi Dix and Sandi Cartwright. As a bicycle enthusiast, Emma approaches yoga as a way to heal her body and mind each day from the many situations life throws at you. Yoga is not something we do, but a way of life; Emma works to bring that idea into her classes through a vinyasa flow style class. By moving with the breath we learn to move at the pace of our own body and become present in life; Emma's classes offer students a space to slow down and look within. Originally from Wisconsin, Emma earned her undergraduate degree in Art Education and enjoys fiber arts and ceramics!


Salina Storozuk

RYT 200

Salina began her yoga practice in 2002 in India where she embarked on a lifelong spiritual journey. Along with yoga she practiced meditation in ashrams and explored the inner dimension of Self, traveling to India several times over the course of a decade. From 2006 Salina practiced Hatha yoga under master yogi Bharat Das, who has been teaching Bhakti-Hatha yoga classes in Kapiolani Park for over 15 years.  In 2013, Salina received her 200-hour certification from internationally renowned yogis, Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini of Maya Yoga Studio and is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). Currently Salina continues her personal practice through Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga and Yin yoga in Honolulu, Hawaii. Having experienced the positive benefits of yoga in her own life, Salina is inspired to share this system of healing, awakening and self-realization with all. Salina encourages students to integrate their yoga practice with their daily lives by setting positive personal intentions and practicing mindfulness on and off the mat to ultimately live a healthy, happy and balanced life. Some of Salina’s yoga inspiration and guidance also comes from her time living in New York City, where she experienced renowned teachers and studios including Jivamukti Yoga, Sri Dharma Mittra, and Elena Brower of Vira Yoga. 


Mickel Yust

RYT 200, Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant

Mickel' grew up doing gymnastics, playing soccer, and running track. She discovered yoga 6 years ago after having several knee surgeries and needing to find alternative forms of exercise. The stress reduction and emotional release she experienced had her hooked from her first class! She did her 200 hr teacher training at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis and there began to understand, in greater depth, the philosophical side of yoga and the amazing impact living yoga can have on life beyond the mat. Deciding to embark on a 9 month teacher training experience was just the beginning of Mickel's intentional life altering journey of the last few years. With the support and encouragement of her community, she was able to quit her high stress job, choosing simplicity instead. A year later, she took the risk of uprooting from Minnesota and moved to the Big Island of Hawaii where she was able to embrace a sense of freedom, adventure, and gratitude for the beautiful and simple things of life. She moved to O'ahu in the summer of 2014 to study Physical Therapy Assisting. Mickel' is passionate about connecting the emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives with physical expression. She strives to incorporate passion and movement as well as stillness and peace in each of her classes and is constantly amazed with the power of the mind/body connection. Mickel' loves dancing, reading, hiking, movies, food, and her miniature dachshund Myshkin (he does a pretty mean upward facing dog). She is excited to share life's journey with her yoga community both on and off the mat!

Jen Mylett

RYT 200

Jen has been practicing Yoga for 15 years. She recently finished her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Hawaii. Jen walked into her first class on Maui 15 years ago without having prior knowledge of yoga. Intrigued by all the various shaped poses and shaking muscles and then “hook line and sinker” with her first ever savasana. She likes to joke that the reason she keeps practicing is trying to find that first savasana. Yoga has been a constant staple in Jen’s life ever since.




RYT 200

Yotsaya's intention is to share her love of yoga with others, her classes offer everyone the chance to flow freely and learn about alignment. Her teaching style is to make yoga suitable for everyone: every age and ability. Her practice combines simple yogic asanas , flowing energy and the steady rhythm of pranayama breathing throughout the class. She uses sun-sulation flow as well as smiling, to help her students “lengthen and strengthen” – while having fun!
Yotsaya first learned about mantra and yoga in Thailand where she grew up. Her first encounter with yoga was in 2005 with Bikram Yoga in Bangkok, Thailand. She discovered that yoga was the journey to connect herself with her inner powers. After moving to the US to study, in 2012, she completed her 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training certification at Yoga To The People in Berkeley, California before moving to Hawaii.

Ashley_handstand splits.jpg

Ashley Isono

RYT 200

Ashley is one of the newest graduates of Yoga Hawaii's 200hr teacher training! This has been her yoga home since beginning her yoga journey in June of 2012. Along with changing to a healthier diet and cross training, Ashley has used her yoga practice to address the health concerns she had when she began yoga by dropping extra weight and lowering her blood pressure considerably.  Join Ashley for a thoughtful asana practice that will challenge you compassionately. Her classes are excellent cross training for athletes and cross fitters!

Briana Rowe

RYT 200

Briana Rowe began her love affair with yoga during high school in 2011. As a cross country runner, she always understood the importance of connecting your breath with movement. After moving from California to Hawaii to attend university, Briana continued to appreciate the benefits associated with yoga on and off the mat. This love blossomed into a desire to share her passion with others resulting in her completion of yoga teacher training at Yoga Hawaii in the summer of 2016. She strives to teach her classes from her heart while creating an encouraging, safe space for students to explore, grow, and open their own body and mind. She infuses her passion for yoga through each asana, giving gentle and uplifting cues with emphasis on breath, playfulness, and the enjoyment of being present. Her classes are vinyasa-based (linking breath with movement), infused with an emphasis on alignment.


Jules Garner

Jules has practiced yoga for over 20 years and has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2008. Her love for kundalini yoga was instant and her first class made such an impact that she committed to do this practice daily from that moment. And she has.  Jules has taught extensively throughout the UK and Europe. She is passionate about sharing this ancient technology, known as the yoga of awareness, and her classes provide the space for authentic movement, sound and breath to mix freely with joy and anything else that wants to join the mix! Jules focus with all her classes and workshops is to create the space to facilitate optimum healing and well-being in a supportive and uplifting way.

Her work within the education and nonprofit sectors has led to her developing numerous health and well-being programs aimed at overcoming life's challenges in a supportive and empowering way. She also developed a children's yoga program, Yoga Buds, a fun interactive yoga which she teaches at schools and kindergartens.  Jules has studied an array of disciplines and practices of the healing and therapeutic arts and is an initiate of ancient Celtic mysteries and womb wisdom.

Jules moved to Oahu in 2015 and continues to be entranced by the beauty of the island, especially the mountains which she loves to paint, and the pure spirit of aloha that flows so freely in all directions. She is delighted to be teaching at Hawaii Yoga.

Lauren Oiye

RYT 200

Originally from California, Lauren started traveling and experiencing the world from a young age through creative movement as a competitive Gymnast and Synchronized Swimmer representing the USA in international competitions. When she retired from Synchronized Swimming, she decided to picked up her things and move her life to Hawaii. That same year she moved out to Hawaii she found a new way of expressing herself through movement in the water through Tandem Surfing. In 2012 Lauren became the two time world champion of Tandem Surfing. Lauren also attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa for her undergraduate degree in Psychology, and in 2015 received her Masters Degree from Chaminade University in Counseling Psychology. In the last few years she has been exposed to the various practices of yoga through meditation, breathing, mantra, and asana. Through yoga Lauren has found a way of combining her years of movement expertise and breath in the water and transferring it to the yoga mat and life on land. "The world we live in can be challenging and difficult to maneuver sometimes. I truly believe in the infinite potential we all hold within ourselves to heal our own minds and bodies through the practice of yoga and self discovery."



Stephanie Keiko Kong


Stephanie began her yoga journey in 2003 as an over-scheduled college student looking for physical activity and stress relief. A major spine injury in 2004 served to transform Stephanie's appreciation of yoga into profound respect and awe for its healing power. Her lighthearted all-levels approach stems from her own years of recovery, when levity and the idea of accessibility, no matter the physical condition, were the main things bringing her back to her practice. Stephanie says, "I became a yoga teacher to reach out to people that might not otherwise receive yoga. You are always at a perfect starting place; if you can breathe, you can practice yoga." Stephanie received her 200RYT from the Maha Yoga Institute in 2012 with mentor Murti Hower, as well as kids' yoga certification from Yoga Ed. with Brynne Caleda the same year.

Daniela Martinez

RYT 200

In 2012 Daniela began her yoga journey following YouTube videos and slowly falling in love with her new hobby. Her first live classes were in Bikram yoga, and eventually she made her way into Hatha, Yinyasa, and Yin practices where her hobby transformed into a state of mind. This offered Daniela life changing support as she struggled with awareness, presence, and alertness most of her life growing up with a seizure disorder and the medications involved.That same year, 2012, she wrote in her journal “Sometimes I feel like a glitchy wire to the headquarters of the all knowing”. Yoga has become a means for Daniela to strengthen her glitchy wire to the all knowing; her inner self! Just like using the dials of a radio to tune into the desired station frequency with the most clarity and least static; Daniela sees yoga as the tool to dissolve the static in her life as she works on tuning into her true frequency with clarity. Her devotion and love for Yoga is rooted in the journey of self exploration and self awareness. To recognize and be her own radio station is her purpose, to support your radio station is her calling and service. She invites you to roll your mat out with hers to engage with the practice of getting to know yourself, and getting closer to hearing your true inner radio station playing with clarity.


Jess Abner

RYT 200

Jess moved to Hawaii in 2007 and soon after began her journey into fitness and wellness.  She became an avid triathlete and with that came the burden of being often injured and over trained.  After finding a local yoga class that not only challenged her need for intense activity but started to heal and strengthen her body in ways that her distance training didn’t address, she was hooked.  Who would have thought… not all yoga is easy or boring!  What really stood out after a while was the need for balance within the body. Seeing how much better the body can become if all areas physically and mentally are addressed, which means slowing it down and paying attention sometimes has it’s benefits as well. 

Jess founded Shakti Flow in January 2015, a high energy combination of yoga, fitness and dance that promotes the breakdown of mental and physical barriers and blissful empowerment.  Through her classes she shares her passion of movement and music. She will always challenge you to explore your edge, inspire you try new things and motivate you to push a little bit further. www.shakti-flow.com

Jess completed her 200Hr certification at Yoga Hawaii and you can find her teaching her unique Shakti Flow and guest teaching more traditional Flow classes at our studio.


Jordan Cerra

RYT 200

Jordan has been practicing yoga since 2005. She has been sharing her practice from the start, teaching for her High School gym class, at the University Gym, Business Incubators, Girl Scouts Urban Lunch Programs, Family Gatherings, Job Sites, Special Events, Martial Arts & Yoga Studios, Gymnastic Academies, Bars, Beaches and Beyond. She finally went for her 200RYT from Twin Cities Yoga Collective in 2013 where she learned from a unique slew of master teachers and has continued teaching throughout migrations from the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania to Memphis, TN and presently nested up in Honolulu. She encourages students to let go of expectations and be with the ebb and flow of the now. Smile, laugh, loosen up, strengthen within and without.


Tina Speed

RYT 200

Tina discovered yoga while attending graduate school at UH Mānoa, where she was pursuing a degree in environmental sciences. After a few months of a dedicated daily practice that helped her cope with major life transitions and completely transformed her body, she felt drawn to explore yoga on a deeper more spiritual level and has been hooked ever since. Upon several years of exploring different styles of yoga and meditation, she completed her RYT200 training at Aloha Yoga Kula, studying under Brigitte Snyder, Martin Doluz and Heidi Hopkins. Since yoga and meditation have opened her up to a whole new world of self-discovery and healing, helping her overcome major life challenges and daily struggles, Tina is very passionate about sharing these benefits with her students, ranging from total newbies to advanced practitioners. Whatever class of hers you may attend, be prepared for a fun, comfortable and encouraging environment, with creative sequencing and hands-on adjustments, powerful poetry sharings, pranayama and helpful alignment gems – all supported by a variety of interesting music from around the world and an intention to help you carry the true gems of yoga off the mat and into your daily life. When she is not teaching yoga or out solving environmental problems at her day job, Tina can usually be found cooking, baking, playing the violin, or exploring the underwater world. She is also an avid user and supporter of Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and Chinese Medicine.  You may also find her playing music for a wide variety of events, including the monthly Kirtan at Yoga Hawaii.


Waimea Doroha

RYT 200; Mantra Yoga Training

Waimea grew up in Hawaii, raised in it's beautiful culture. Her passion was dancing hula and ballet. It wasn't until much later in life that a friend introduced her to yoga, when her curiosity grew.  In Spring 2015 she traveled to India and completed 100hrs of The Heart of Sound Yoga Teacher Training with Anandra George. In the Fall of the same year she completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Hawaii.
As a yoga educator, Waimea's primary focus is based in foundation and alignment while sharing what she has learned from others and that which carries authenticity for her personally.  Herself a mother of two, she is particularly dedicated to educating and fostering community among new mothers. Join her for enriching Pregnancy & Postnatal recovery classes each week.