Main Yoga Pases for Students


Yoga Poses for Newbies

It all starts with a pose – everything else is derived from it. One post leads to another and sooner or later, you will have dozens of ideas under your belt.

1 /   Training to perform the main pose

2 /   Teaching newbies how to go from one pose to another
Intermediate Users

Yoga Poses for Intermediate Users

As an intermediate users, you should be familiar with the main poses and the transition methods. During this stage, you will learn how to achieve a deeper level of focus and concentration.

1 /   Explore more complicated yoga poses

2 /   Learning how to achieve more focus and concentration
Advanced Users

Yoga Poses for Advanced Users

You are advanced if you have performed yoga on a regular basis for more than six months. At the same time, you should be at an intermediary stage and progress quite fast.

1 /   Learning complex poses and movements

2 /   Learning how to come up with your own poses for your plans

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