Some of the first yoga you will learn

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Mountain Pose

The basic pose that everyone has to learn first.

Downward Facing Dog

One of the most relaxing yoga poses that allows the transition to other movements.

Seated Forward Bend

One of the most flexible poses because it can be performed in multiple ways with no stress.

Warrior 1 and 2

There are two poses for the warrior position and each of them has its own advantages.

Welcome to our tranquil studio

Our studio will exude relaxation and tranquility the second you step inside. You know it is going to be a relaxing course because of the colors and accents. Literally every element is chosen with yoga in mind.
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Different poses and positions to explore


Rooms in our large studio for multiple courses


Check out this training tutorial

The tutorial has been shot in our studio and it aims to show you what kind of relaxing activities we do.

Our training hours

Our training hours do not mean that you can come in and train anytime, but that all of our classes are conducted within this time frame.

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  • 800 - 1600

  • 800 - 1500

Are you new to yoga?
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